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Gail joined us at the Farmers' Market in the first week of May 2004 for the Melton Mowbray Market Town Week events, which included the presentation of The Two Market Ladies sculpture, which it's hoped will be commissioned as a full-size piece and sited in the town centre.  Joyce from the office was selling her handmade cards in support of Macmillan nurses, while Roger managed to soldier on in his inimitable way, despite the extra bodies and equipment.

We now bake on the spot, and encourage friends old and new, young and young-at-heart to shape some dough, scatter some seeds and return in three-quarters of an hour to collect their own baked creations.  And Gail now has a hat that's not too big!

Photo: Gail and Paul Photo: Gail with scoop Photo: Two Market Ladies sculpture Photo: Joyce's stall Photo: Roger with customer Photo: Paul and Gail Photo: Roger with customers Photo: Roger with customer Photo: Paul shows dough to visitor; Gail observes Photo: customer with Roger Photo: customer with Roger Photo: visitors with Paul and Gail Photo: visitors decorate rolls and try on hats Photo: Paul gives a visitor a hat Photo: Paul with visitors Photo: visitor and Paul try the grinder Photo: customer and Paul with the grinder Photo: customer with grinder and loaf Photo: customer looking at products Photo: visitors with loaves Photo: Paul examines customer's bread bag

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